AVATAR, INCEPTION And More Join Marvel's AVENGERS Movies On Re-Release In China

AVATAR, INCEPTION And More Join Marvel's AVENGERS Movies On Re-Release In China

It's been confirmed that all four Avengers movies will be re-released in China as theaters begin to re-open, & we're now hearing that James Cameron's Avatar & Christopher Nolan's Inception will join them.

Last night, we received confirmation that all four Avengers movies would be re-released in China as theaters begin to re-open across the country, and now it's been announced that some other past blockbusters will be joining them.

In a bid to entice people back to the cinema after The Middle Kingdom's devastating COVID-19 crisis, theaters will also screen James Cameron's Avatar and a Christopher Nolan double-bill of Inception and Interstellar. Other U.S. films on the lineup include Oscar-winner Green Book, as well as A Dog’s Purpose and sequel A Dog’s Journey.

The Avengers movies are scheduled to begin screening tomorrow for a phased release, but none of the other films have been dated yet.

We recently reported that over 500 theaters are now open for business, but THR reckons it'll be closer to 700 by the end of the week. How smart is this? China seems to be over the worst, but we're just going to have to wait and see.

How have you guys been handling self-isolation? If you're looking for a movie to watch online to pass the time, you'll find 10 recommendations below.

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The Invisible Man

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We'll start with a movie that's only just been made available to stream, Blumhouse's masterful re-imagining of The Invisible Man.

Director Leigh Whannell (Upgrade) has delivered a genuinely unnerving take on H.G. Wells’ classic tale, which brings the requisite sci-fi-tinged scares while also serving as a more grounded study of abuse and trauma. Handmaid's Tale actress Elisabeth Moss is superb in the lead, and the movie features one of the most shocking sequences we've seen in a mainstream horror flick in many years.

If you haven't seen The Invisible Man yet, we urge you to make it your top priority.

Available to stream on: Amazon, iTunes.

Spirited Away

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Next up is Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece, Spirited Away.

Some of Miyazaki's earlier films such as My Neighbor Totoro and Porco Rosso have been available on Netflix for a while, but Spirited Away was only recently added, much to delight of the legendary filmmaker's fans.

Considered by many to be Miyazaki's best film, Spirited Away tells the story of of Chihiro Ogino, a 10-year-old girl who embarks on a journey through the world of Kami (spirits) when her parents are turned into pigs by the witch Yubaba. Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba's bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world.

If you're searching for something to watch with the kids, look no further.

Available to stream on: Netflix


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The feature debut from director Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Swallow is a true original.

The story focuses on a young expectant mother named Hunter (Haley Bennett) whose mental health declines when she moves into a decadent new home with her partner Richie (Austin Stowell). As she begins to feel more and more trapped and powerless, Hunter engages in a highly unusual and potentially very dangerous pastime to ease stress.

The less you know going in the better, but if you're looking for a unique, provocative psychological thriller, be sure to check out Swallow.

Available to stream on: Google, iTunes

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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The final installment in the Skywalker Saga was undeniably divisive, but if you've only seen it once in theaters, maybe it's time to give it another shot?

The Rise of Skywalker does have its share of problems, but there is still a lot to love about the film - particularly for long-time Star Wars fans. Abrams and co. clearly love these characters and the galaxy far, far away they inhabit, and if you're able to move past the story issues, the movie does manage to hit all the right emotional beats.

Not the end to the iconic saga we hoped for, but nor is it the disaster some painted it as. We think TROS is well worth another watch!

Available to stream on: Amazon and Apple


Image result for cats 2019

Look, we're not suggesting for one second that Cats is a good movie (it's awful), but it's so utterly bizarre that it has to be seen to be believed.

Are there any positives at all? Well, the dance choreography is impressive, and if you were already a fan of the original songs... they're also in it? You may not want to fork out the 20 quid to watch this, but if you're in the market for something to make fun of while having a few drinks with whoever you happen to be quarantined with, split the cost and experience this atrocity in all its cockroach-dancing glory.

Available to stream on: Amazon and Apple


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Out of the two new Disney animated offerings now available to stream, we'd go with Onward over Frozen 2 any day.

This charming tale of two elf brothers (Chris Pratt and Tom Holland) embarking on a quest to bring their late father back for one day may not be considered one of Pixar's best, but it's still a hugely entertaining adventure with a strong emotional core. If you don't shed a tear at the end of this one, you might want to check your pulse.

Available to stream on: Amazon and Apple

The Hunt

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The Hunt was originally denied a release after backlash stemming from its violent, supposed anti-conservative content, but Craig Zobel's satirical thriller actually takes aim at both sides of the political divide in equal measure. In fact, the "liberal elites" arguably come off worse.

In truth, the movie works more as an ultra-violent romp than a satire, despite its broad targets. It eventually descends into absurdity, but it's never less than entertaining and GLOW's Betty Gilpin is fantastic in the lead.

Available to stream on: Amazon and Apple


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The Ghost with The Most is now on Netflix!

If you've never seen Tim Burton's classic horror comedy or simply fancy a re-watch, now's the time. The movie introduced eventual Batman Michael Keaton as the titular Bio-Exorcist, and it's worth watching for his riotous performance alone. Throw in strong support from the likes of Gina Davis, Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder and a whip-smart script, and Bettlejuice still holds up as one of Burton's best.

Available to stream on: Netflix


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Director Zhang Yimou's gorgeous Shadow flew under the radar when it was released last year, but it's now on Netflix, and a must-watch for fans of Wuxia cinema.

Shadow is a period epic about two kingdoms going to war after Commander Ziyu (Deng Chao) uses his double, or "shadow," to reignite conflict against the wishes of his cowardly king (Zheng Kai). You'll be hard pressed to find a more stunning looking film, and while the action is sparse, but when it comes you'll be treated to some incredible fight choreography. Give it a go - you won't be disappointed.

Available to stream on: Netflix

The Lord of The Rings

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We're sure you've all seen Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy at this stage, but what better time to revisit these epic fantasy adventures?

It's a shame the extended cuts don't seem to be on any of the streaming sites, because they add so much more to each film, but the theatrical versions are still incredible achievements.

Annoyingly, only The Two Towers and Return of The King are available on Netflix at the moment, but The Fellowship of The Ring is due soon. For now, you can stream it on the likes of Apple, Sky, and Google.

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