Ben Whishaw On His Involvement With Steven Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE

Ben Whishaw On His Involvement With Steven Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE

After reportedly being eyed for a role in Spielberg's upcoming sci-fi adaptation Robopocalypse, Ben Whishaw (Skyfall) confirms that he has met with the director and they're "due to make" the movie.

Last month, it was reported that British actor Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, Cloud Atlas) was being eyed for the role of the hacker 'Lurker' in 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks' Robopocalypse, a science fiction thriller based on Daniel H. Wilson's novel of the same name. Now, speaking with I Am Rogue while promoting Cloud Atlas, Whishaw is asked about his involvement with the Steven Spielberg-directed film, which is expected to begin production early next year. "I am [appearing in Robopocalypse]. I don't really want to talk about it because I haven't had one hundred percent confirmation that it is happening, but I have met him. We're due to make it. Maybe it's a contractual thing because it's taken a while, but I think we're due to do it in London."

As for whether or not he has read the script yet, Whishaw says that he hasn't yet. "I've read the book. I gather it will be quite different from the book. But this was the problem; the script was sort of taking a while to get right."

Chris Hemsworth (Marvel's The Avengers) and Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises) are both said to be in negotiations for the lead roles in Robopocalypse, which is set to hit theaters April 25th, 2014. Below is a plot synopsis for the story:

In the future, robots have been created to serve Mankind. Archos, the 14° version of an advanced Artificial Intelligence developed by the U.S. government, continuously deleted for displaying hostility towards humans, escapes from being destroyed and soon becomes a virus, downloading itself into every piece of A.I.-controlled technology in the planet, leading to a worldwide robot uprising where the humans caught in the chaos struggle to survive.

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