Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes

Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes

This weekend Rise of the Planet of the Apes has increased its global box office take to $257 million (over $70 million in profit) and everybody is going Apes crazy, including BOOM! Studios which has announced a new Apes mini-series.

POTA - Betrayal 3 BOOM! Studios, armed with the dual success of their own recently launched Planet of the Apes comic and the success of Rise, have announced a new four-issue comic miniseries that starts in November called Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes. Comic Book Resources caught up with the husband and wife writing team of Gabriel Hardman (who is also providing the art) and Corinne Sara Bechko to discuss Betrayal. What follows is an excerpt from that interview. For the full interview, click HERE.
COMIC BOOK RESOURCES: As you've mentioned, your miniseries is set just before the first film. What made you want to tackle this era? 
HARDMAN: When we first pitched the story, we assumed it would need to be set at the same time as the ongoing. The one big note that came back on our pitch was to set it in the classic movie era and include characters like Dr. Zaius. We didn't need a lot of convincing to make the change. Honestly, we were thrilled. It made perfect sense for our story and I couldn't be any more excited to work with the iconic elements of the films. 
BECHKO: Truly, it was serendipity.
COMIC BOOK RESOURCES: What storytelling opportunities does this particular moment in time allow? 
BECHKO: As I said before, I love the character of Dr. Zaius. The first film makes it clear that ape society was in a state of flux even before Taylor's crew landed. We now have the opportunity to explore that a little bit, and to see Dr. Zaius as a younger ape in a changing world.
HARDMAN: We also have the chance to expand the world of the original movies, introducing new locations and characters. That said, we are hyper-aware of keeping these new elements true to the feel of PotA. I've always been disappointed by licensed books that aren't able to capture the tone of the originals. We're doing everything in our power to make sure that doesn't happen here.

POTA - Betrayal 4 COMIC BOOK RESOURCES: What can you tell us about the story of "Betrayal?" 
HARDMAN: At heart, "Betrayal" is a political thriller with a heavy dose of action and adventure. In our story, a former Gorilla General, a war hero, is accused of a crime from his days in the military. He finds himself on the run, imprisoned and fighting for his life. When he uncovers a plot to bring down the government, his only ally may be the newest council member: Dr. Zaius. 
BECHKO: I think it's safe to say that you'll see some facets of ape society you've never seen before. Sure, the law says that Ape Does Not Kill Ape. But what happens when one does? The death penalty is certainly out of the question. And exactly how do humans fit into Ape City? We see them as complete outcasts in the first film, but their relationship to the apes is obviously more complicated than that.
COMIC BOOK RESOURCES: Who is this Gorilla General, and what is he up against? 
BECHKO: We're introducing a new character, General Aleron, a gorilla war hero who now lives as a civilian. Dr. Zaius is in the mix too, as a freshly minted council member who's still trying to define his moral compass. 
HARDMAN: We also have a "domesticated" human and a sympathetic chimpanzee scientist. They all get sucked into a conspiracy that could transform Ape City.
   Go to Comic Book Resources for the rest of the interview.

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