Bill Murray Offers GHOSTBUSTERS 3 A Glimmer Of Hope

Bill Murray Offers GHOSTBUSTERS 3 A Glimmer Of Hope

Recently Bill Murray was a guest on David Letterman's late night talk show. The actor is once again asked about the chances of Ghostbusters 3. Click the jump to see his response.

"It’s got to be really funny and that first one was so darn funny, it’s hard for me… I think we’ll try again. I always drag my feet on it, but I think..."

I'd really like to thank David Letterman for cutting off Mr. Murray before he could finish his thought. Why in the world would I be interested in knowing more about Ghostbusters 3 from an actor that hardly ever opens up about the subject? I'd much rather listen to Letterman laugh at his own unfunny jokes or rely on his band leader's cackle as a boost to his fragile ego. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel is on the rise.

Let's get back to Ghostbusters. Some of you are not aware of it, but Bill Murray has part ownership of the franchise and no movie can be made without his say so. Doesn't matter if he is in it or not, he must give the go ahead. It's fair to say the last script isn't up to snuff, but Murray isn't closing the book on it just yet. He is willing to do it, but the script has to be as good as the original, which will be hard to equal.

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