Caprica's Alessandra Torresani Showing Skin for Maxim

<em>Caprica's</em> Alessandra Torresani Showing Skin for Maxim

She may play a 16 year old, but the actress is actually 22 so feel free to check out her Maxim pics with a guilt free conscience;)

Yeah yeah I know, .."Is this what passes for news on CBM now?..Goodness gracious me!". Look, if you don't like the pics, don't look ate em! Very simple.

Here are Torresani's Maxim shoot pictures in all their glory. She plays the teenage daughter of Adam Graystone(Eric Stolz) is SyFy's Caprica. After she is killed in a suicide bomb, Graystone downloads her consciousness and puts it into a robotic form, essentially creating the Cylons. If you haven't watched it yet and are a fan of sci-fi with some real drama, give it a watch its good stuff. Anyway, on to the skin...

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