Deadline Confirms Will Smith Has Officially Declined INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

Deadline Confirms Will Smith Has Officially Declined INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

We've known for a while that Will Smith (i, Robot) was not too keen on reprising his role in the sequel to the 1996 hit, Independence Day, but now it looks like the news is official with Deadline reporting that Smith has informed the studio he won't be back.

It's been common knowledge for a while now that star Will Smith wasn't very interested in suiting up again in a sequel to his 1996 smashhit, Independence Day, but despite that, 20th Century Fox was still holding out hope he'd change his mind, well until now that is. Deadline is reporting that Smith has informed the studio that he will not be reuniting with director Roland Emmerich for the sequel.

The sequel is still being actively developed as many, including Emmerich, had anticipated this decision for some time. A first draft written by Emmerich and co-writer/producer Dean Devlin has already been submitted to the studio and then subsequently handed over to The Amazing Spider-Man writer, James Vanderbilt, for additional work. Due to Smith's indecisiveness, Vanderbilt has been working on two different scripts, one that would center around Smith's character, Captain Steven Hiller, and one that wouldn't. Even though it is highly unlikely, some believe that Smith might pull a Dwight Howard and change his mind once again.

Independence Day 2, with or without Smith, has an anticipated release of July 4th weekend, 2016, which is also the 20th anniversary for the original film.

Smith is also not expected to return in Men in Black 4. Sony Pictures is now looking to reboot the franchise. He can be seen next in the Colin Farrell-starrer, Winter's Tale, and later in Focus, starring opposite Margot Robbie.

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