Details From Longer STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Teaser Emerge

Details From Longer STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Teaser Emerge

A longer version of the teaser we featured yesterday - which will be with us next week - screened today at "Butt-Numb-A-Thon" in Austin Texas, and some details have found their way online which might just put a different spin on certain things revealed in the first teaser..

The Japanese version of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser has a few extra shots at the end, one of which saw Spock and Kirk (presumably) seemingly reenacting the poignant goodbye scene from the end of Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan. This obviously reignited speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch's villain character must in fact be Khan Noonian Singh after all. But, the following Tweets from Badass Digest's Devin Faraci suggest that it was actually Spock and Cumberbtach's character in the scene, putting an entirely different spin on things. Could he be playing a version of Spock's brother Sybock?

"Full STAR TREK trailer indicates hands against glass scene is actually Spock and Cumberbatch. If he’s Sybock… Well, kudos.

That said, Cumberbatch does NOT have Vulcan ears. Hands against glass scene seems to be Cumby in the brig.

Trailer opens with Pike VO, telling Kirk he has courage but no humility, and someday that will get him and his crew killed.

Oh yeah: there’s space stuff in the full TREK trailer. Space combat. Guy in a space suit zooming around."

Jordan Hoffman adds..

"Cumberbatch was definitely shown in some sort of brig

Chekov appears in a red tunic (instead of his regular gold tunic)

Someone wears a EVA space suit with similar design to the one used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

The plot thickens! Of course nothing is confirmed, but if it was indeed Cumberbatch in that scene with Spock then we might have to add another character to the list of those the Sherlock actor may be playing. Anyway, the teaser should be online next week so we can have a look for ourselves.

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