District 9, Not A Reboot or Regurgitated, But Refreshing

District 9, Not A Reboot or Regurgitated, But Refreshing

I'm not going to go into spoiler details, but I would like to state my opinion how awesome this movie is. It was new, different, and best of all not a rehash of a classic or of a movie that just came out three years ago.

The cinematography was good, the classic documentary shaky camera, which for once did not want me to convulse on the floor like Cloverfield. The editing was great, giving the film a natural transition through all the transformations that were going on in this world and with a particular MNU agent.

The CGI was fantastic, had a great sense of realism, nuf said. Along with that, the sound and the other effects were great! I loved how the alien weaponry worked, and the realism it had when it was used, and man it just looked freakin' cool.

The acting was great as well, even the side character, even though they only had brief moments they still made some kind of impact on you, you knew or at least had an idea their type of personality, and even had development. The characters presented all had good chemistry, when two people are friends, they actually felt like they've known each other for years. The aliens were done well too, they only spoke in their dialect followed with subtitles which is just added to the authenticity of this alternate reality. They showed wide ranges of emotion and made me actually give a damn about them and their species.

The only con I can say about this movie is that the sequel isn't out already, at the moment I can't think of a single thing I didn't like about this movie. I only regret I didn't watch this in IMAX, which would have been an awesome experience.

Thanks for reading, and check this movie out!
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