Doctor Who - Series Seven Trailer

Doctor Who - Series Seven Trailer

The Doctor is back! The Last of The Time Lords is back for his 7th / 33rd series in the worlds longest running science fiction program Doctor Who - and so are some other familiar faces... (spoilers) well as his cowboy hat.

Doctor Who returns this Autumn and, again, the series will be split into two halves (trailer below).

The first seven episodes will run up to Christmas and will feature The Doctor, Amy and Rory back in the TARDIS, except there will be a fourth person joining the crew. And no, it won't be Jenna-Lousie Coleman. Well, not straight away.

Jenna-Louise will be travelling with The Doctor as of Christmas Day, and apparently her story won't be your usual run-of-the-mill 'meet a hot teen girl and take them away in a magical machine' kind of companion.

Joining The Doctor, Amy and Rory will be Mark Williams (known better internationally as Arthur Weasley and to us nerds as Olaf Peterson from Red Dwarf). Mark will be filling the role of Rory's Dad.

And, in case you haven't seen the trailer, it appears The Doctors most infamous nemesis The Daleks will be back. I am not sure about this, as I feel the new villains have been much more interesting than the old school baddies - with the exception of The Master, delivered perfectly by John Simm.

And, if that wasn't enough to tickle your sonic screwdrivers, Steven Moffat has confirmed one of the crew will die - and this time there will be no escape or tricks. Personally, I don't think that bodes well for Mr Williams. Or Rory (someone who I still regard as a better companion than Rose or Martha).

Also rumored to be returning are The Angels, to complete their trilogy. This is very welcome news as The Angels episodes have been some of the strongest, especially after series 6, which I felt was probably the weakest series to date, with the exception of Neil Gaiman's outstanding episode 'The Doctor's Wife'.

Anywho Whovians, I'm excited and can't wait. With next year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, let's hope the game is raised from last years lackluster series.
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