Ewoks Gone Wild on "The Today Show"!

Ewoks Gone Wild on "The Today Show"!

To celebrate Halloween, NBC's The Today Show offered up a Star Wars special in which all of the show's regulars dressed up as Star Wars characters (Matt Lauer as Luke, Al Roker as Han, Ann Curry as Darth Vader, Meredith Veira as Princess Leia, etc). Unfortunately SOMEBODY invited the Ewoks!

Everybody seemed to be having a good time, but someone must have slipped the pair of Ewoks a Red Bull or something, because they were out of control. It started with the furballs moving toward Meredith fairly early on, where she stated, "Hey, don't touch my butt," and moved herself to the right of the duo. And that was the good part!

From there, they began picking up glasses of wine (or whatever the drinks on the table were) and throwing different items at people. Granted, this could simply be Ewoks being Ewoks and causing mischief. But then one of them -- who looks pretty much like the furball below -- started humping Matt Lauer's leg. From there he demonstrated his ability to Moonwalk, which seemed to make the humping indiscretion go away for a moment -- UNTIL he decided to do push-ups, which initially was endearing, but then he started thrusting himself repeatedly, more or less humping the ground. And all of this was on live television!

Not surprisingly, when photos from The Today Show were posted on the official Star Wars blogs, there were no signs of the Ewoks anywhere. One would imagine that George Lucas would be less than thrilled by his creations being such horn-dogs, especially with crowds of families athered around. Anyone looking to hire a frisky Ewok?

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