EXCLUSIVE: MR. ROBOT Star Christian Slater Reveals When Work Starts On Season 4 And Teases What's To Come

EXCLUSIVE: MR. ROBOT Star Christian Slater Reveals When Work Starts On Season 4 And Teases What's To Come

<font color=red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> MR. ROBOT Star Christian Slater Reveals When Work Starts On Season 4 And Teases What's To Come

We recently caught up with Christian Slate to talk about Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay and the award-winning actor shed some light on what's next for Mr. Robot and looked back on last year's season three.

Christian Slater plays Deadshot in new animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay but when we recently sat down with the actor to discuss that DC movie, we couldn't resist asking about his award-winning role in USA Network's Mr. Robot. The series is a critical darling and was renewed for a fourth season last year so when does work resume on the show? It seems we're going to have to be patient! 

"I think we go back to start working on the show in November so the writers room opens up again in June," the actor revealed. "Sam [Esmail] has always looked at it as a collaborative project and one that we've always worked on together since the beginning so I've been thrilled with that. I think we'll probably get the opportunity to go back in time somewhat and see what was actually going on between my character and Angela's mother and maybe see a little bit more history I think."

There are definitely a lot of gaps which need to be filled in when it comes to the backstories of many of the characters but you have to believe that Mr. Robot's presence will continue being felt in the present as well, especially as he and Elliot have now agreed to work together to take down the Dark Army.

His character shared fewer scenes with Rami Malek's Elliot in season three given the nature of the character's split personality and when I asked Slater about the challenges which came with that, he said: "We talked a lot about that and it was strange. He and I definitely love working together and I loved being on that ferris wheel with him. We enjoy it when we're a team so it was odd to sort of give him the handshake and say, 'Adios!' [Laughs] At the same time, it was fun to play that different aspect and different side of Elliot. I think we both enjoyed it as much as we found it frustrating."

Mr. Robot has taken off in a way that no one could have expected and when I asked the actor about that, he was humble about the show's success but had some ideas about why that might be. 

"You never know how it's going to be received. You don't know. This was a very unique opportunity and not a lot of people really thought about hacking but as we've made the show, there was the Sony Hack that happened and it's certainly become much more relevant and even the President of the United States was mentioning it at the time. It's certainly a remarkably relevant topic and it continues to be that more and more so every day." Are you excited about Mr. Robot's return?

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay arrives on Blu-ray and DVD April 16th. Stay tuned for much more on that!
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