First Photos & Teasers From ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Introduce A Mysterious New Clone

First Photos & Teasers From ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Introduce A Mysterious New Clone

First Photos & Teasers From ORPHAN BLACK Season 4 Introduce A Mysterious New Clone

BBC America & the Space Channel have released the first official teaser for Orphan Black season 4 featuring our first look at a mysterious new clone. Plus, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have her name and a few interesting details. Come check it out!

"Her name is M.K."

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly's week-long "First Look" feature, we have our first look at Orphan Black's newest clone, M.K., who will be the latest clone to be portrayed by the über-talented Tatiana Maslany. She's being described as the most mysterious clone yet, who will finally cross paths with Sarah this season to reluctantly help her as she searches for the answers she needs to help her seestras. Co-creator Graeme Manson shared a tidbit about her dynamic with Sarah: "She comes out of the shadows and for the first time we’re meeting someone who knows more than us. Sarah is meeting a clone who has got more answers than she does, and yet she’s a slippery character." Co-creator John Fawcett expands on M.K. a bit further: "And very elusive. And quite highly skilled and very smart. And it is interesting as Sarah tries to interact with this character who is almost kind of like a Deep Throat kind of character. What’s very cool about it is this is a clone who has been self-aware for some time." He also adds that while she may be extremely helpful to Sarah's cause, she also comes with "a little bit of a dangerous side," so Sarah & Clone Club will certainly need to watch their backs while dealing with her (although thankfully they do have Helena).

As for her motivations, they're a bit murky, but it doesn't sound like joining Clone Club will be particularly high on her things-to-do list. While Fawcett & Manson do suggest she'll eventually help her seestras, it won't be something she does willingly, at least not at first: "She’s very paranoid. She’s very security conscious. She knows more than Sarah does so she knows how dangerous the whole thing is. She’s purposefully avoided contact with the sisters to keep herself safe, and Sarah is now trying to draw her out of the shadows and trying to utilize the information that she has so that Sarah can follow her own mystery and fill in the blanks and protect Alison and protect Cosima from Neolution. But this girl is very unwilling."

Check out the full teaser introducing "M.K." below:

Plus, check out these two new stills of M.K. in action:

New Season. New Secrets. Orphan Black Returns This April.

Sarah, reluctantly return home from her Icelandic hideout to track down an elusive and mysterious ally tied to the clone who started it all — Beth Childs. Sarah will follow Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent new enemy, heading in a horrifying new direction. Under constant pressure to protect the sisterhood and keep everyone safe, Sarah’s old habits begin to resurface. As the close-knit sisters are pulled in disparate directions, Sarah finds herself estranged from the loving relationships that changed her for the better.

Orphan Black features:
Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning
Tatiana Maslany as Alison Hendrix
Tatiana Maslany as Cosima Niehaus
Tatiana Maslany as Helena Manning
Tatiana Maslany as Rachel Duncan
Tatiana Maslany as Various Others
Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins
Kevin Hanchard as Detective Arthur Bell
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Siobhan Sadler
Skyler Wexler as Kira Manning
Kristian Bruun as Donnie Hendrix
Ari Millen as Mark Rollins/Project Castor clones
Josh Vokey as Scott
James Frain as Ferdinand
Allison Steadman as Kendall Malone
Rosemary Dunsmore as Susan Duncan
Joel Thomas Hynes as Dizzy

Orphan Black returns April 2016

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