GLASS: David Dunn And The Beast Do Battle In This Action-Packed Extended TV Spot

GLASS: David Dunn And The Beast Do Battle In This Action-Packed Extended TV Spot

GLASS: David Dunn And The Beast Do Battle In This Action-Packed Extended TV Spot

An extended TV spot for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is now online, and it features plenty of awesome new footage from the director's follow-up to both Unbreakable and Split. Check it out after the jump...

An extended "Superhuman" TV spot for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass has been released, and it's mostly comprised of brand new footage from the final installment in a trilogy of films that began back in 2000 with Unbreakable.

The teaser kicks off with Sarah Paulson's character admitting that she wishes superheroes were real, before we cut to some action-packed shots of her trio of patients gladly setting out to prove it, as David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and The Beast (James McAvoy) do battle while Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) pulls the strings.

Check out the spot below along with Total Film's latest cover and let us know what you think. Glass is set to hit theaters on January 18.

In case you missed them the first time, we also have some previously released stills. The images feature the three returning leads, along with Anya Taylor Joy as Casey and Sarah Paulson as a new character that will play a vital role in the story.

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The Doctor

American Horror Story regular Sarah Paulson will play a the psychiatrist who is given the unenviable task of treating our trio of superpowered leads.

“She deals with people that think they’re comic-book characters,” Shyamalan said of the new character. “It’s kind of the modern-day equivalent of ‘I think I’m Jesus’ or ‘I’m an emperor.’ ”

The Beast

James McAvoy will reprise his acclaimed Split role as Kevin Wendell Crumb, a.k.a. The Beast. The highly unstable villain is pictured here with the girl that got away, Anya Taylor-Joy's Casey.

McAvoy reveals that we'll "get to spend some time with some new people that live inside Kevin” in the film.

The Director

A shot of Bruce Willis and director M. Night Shyamalan, who surprised us all when it was revealed that Split was actually set in the same universe as Unbreakable.

Willis' character had seemed to accept his destiny and become a hero at the end of that film, so it'll be interesting to see how he winds up in a mental institution with his arch nemesis.

The Institution

We still don't know exactly how or why, but all three main characters wind up together in a mental institution in Glass.

Here, we see Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) and David Dunn (Bruce Willis) sharing their feelings with their shrink.

The Villain

Samuel L. Jackson returns as the eponymous Mr. Glass, who is sporting his signature purple suit in this photo.

At the end of Unbreakable, Elijah Price was sent away for a very long time after murdering countless people in an attempt to draw out the yang to his yin, which turned out to be Bruce Willis' indestructible protagonist.

What do you think of these first Glass images? Drop us a comment in the usual place.
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