GLASS Director M. Night Shyamalan Says He Was Approached To Helm Marvel/DC Movies In The Past

GLASS Director M. Night Shyamalan Says He Was Approached To Helm Marvel/DC Movies In The Past

GLASS Director M. Night Shyamalan Says He Was Approached To Helm Marvel/DC Movies In The Past

With Glass now in theaters, director M. Night Shyamalan has revealed that he has had "light conversations" with Marvel &/or DC about helming one of their superhero properties. Find out more after the jump.

Say what you will about M. Night Shyamalan, but he makes the movies he wants to make and has no interest in compromising his own unique vision for anyone.

With his latest film, Glass, the divisive director finally completes a trilogy he began with 2000's Unbreakable, and during his press tour to promote the picture, questions inevitably turned to the possibility of him playing in a larger superhero sandbox.

While chatting to Yahoo!, Shyamalan was asked whether he would consider directing a movie for Marvel or DC, and while he doesn't specify which studio (it could have been either or both) approached him, he does reveal that discussions took place.

Shyamalan seems to take a "never say never" approach, but says he declined because he has a "heavy accent" as a filmmaker and doesn't necessarily think it'd be fair to expect the likes of Marvel Studios to accommodate that.

“It’s not fair to [studios], because they want to make [their films] in a certain language. And what if I said ‘Hey, I’m going to do this 3-minute shot on the back of his head, and I also want to make them very dark, and I want his motivation to be really ambiguous, and I want to challenge the audience to make them super-uncomfortable.’ I want [the studio] to be OK with those things.”

In a separate interview with EW, the director confirms that there's been “light conversations in the past about these things," before going on to say that if he were to take the helm of a big studio superhero flick, it would "have to be in a way that would allow for very weird, big weirdness to be okay.”

What do you guys think? Would you like to see an M. Night Shyamalan Marvel or DC movie? Drop us a comment down below, and if you've seen Glass, be sure to check out our SPOILER breakdown.

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The Overseer

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Glass picks up 15 years after the events of Unbreakable, and about a month after Split. We learn that David Dunn is still using his abilities to fight crime in the Philadelphia area, and has come to be known as The Overseer. David's son Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark) has been working alongside him, kinda like The Oracle to his Batman.

When we catch up with the duo, they're continuing their search for The Horde, who has kidnapped another group of "impure" young women to feed to The Beast.

The Rescue

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Dunn gets a lead on Crumb, and encounters him in his Hedwig persona while scoping out a nearby industrial estate. After getting a vision of the unconscious cheerleaders, he follows Hedwig to the scene and frees the girls - but by then, The Beast has been unleashed.

The two do battle, but seem to be evenly matched. In the end they both crash through a window, but before they can continue the fight, they're taken into custody by Dr. Ellie Staple and the police with the aid of a light which forces Crumb to switch personalities when it flashes.

The Doctor

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Dr. Staple (Sarah Paulson) takes her super-powered prisoners to a psychiatric hospital where Elijah Price - who is heavily medicated and unresponsive - is also being held. Crumb is kept at bay by the lights, while Dunn is under threat of having his room blasted by water, which, as Unbreakable fans will know, is his only weakness.

Staple hopes to convince the three men that they are suffering from a delusion which makes them believe that they're superheroes.


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Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor Joy) is now living with a loving foster family, but when she hears that The Horde is in custody she decides to go and see if she can get through to Kevin Wendell Crumb. She manages to reach him very briefly, but Dennis, Patricia and Hedwig are still in control.

Staple asks Casey if she will continue visiting which she agrees to. Meanwhile, Joseph also goes to see Staple in the hopes of freeing his dad, and we find out that his mother died of cancer some years earlier.

Mr. Glass

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As you probably guessed, Price has been faking all along and leaving his room at night to orchestrate his escape. He visits The Horde and convinces Patricia to help, promising another showdown between The Beast and David - but this time where the world can see what they are capable of.

Price plans to lure them to a new building on the day of its opening for their final battle. However, Staple intends to perform surgery on Elijah's frontal lobe in order to "cure" his delusions, and the procedure scheduled for the next morning.

The Escape

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Ah, but Price tampered with the surgical instruments to ensure that the operation would be unsuccessful, and when a friendly orderly arrives to check on him, Elijah slits his throat with a piece of broken glass from one of the pictures on the wall.

He then frees The Horde and tells David that if he wants to stop them from killing a lot of people, he's going to have to break down the door and face them. Patricia wheels Price out through the basement, but when they encounter security, The Beast emerges and makes short work of them.

The Showdown

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Dunn breaks down the door to his cell, and all of the principal characters - including Casey, Joseph and Elijah's mother - converge in front of the hospital for the big showdown.

After The Beast kills (and eats) several police officers, Dunn intervenes and the pair throw hands, finding themselves evenly matched yet again.

The Big Twist

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It turns out that Crumb's father was actually on the same train that Elijah sabotaged in Unbreakable, and his loss led to the emergence of The Beast personality to protect young Kevin from his abusive mother. So, in essence, Price was responsible for creating both The Overseer and The Horde.

Joseph discovers this and tells The Beast, who had come to see Elijah as a sort of messiah for the broken. Upon finding out the truth, he snaps Elijah's collar bone and crushes his chest with a punch. He then resumes his fight with David, and they wind up hurling each other into a water tank.

The Bigger Twist

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The Beast and The Overseer crash through the tank, but taking in water has left David very weak. The Beast tells him they will finish their battle at the building, but as he's leaving Casey grabs his arm and pleads with him to stop. She talks him down and manages to make Kevin emerge, but as soon as that happens a sniper takes him out - on Dr. Staple's orders!

She then has one of her men drag David to a puddle and drown him (yes, really), but before he dies she tells him to grab her hand and the truth unfolds. Staple is part of a secret organization that wants to rid the world of all super-powered individuals - hero and villain alike - and was fully prepared for this eventuality.

Not Mistakes

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Kevin tells Casey that he's going to stay in the light while he slips away, as she assures him that she's his friend and gives him one final moment of compassion and comfort before he dies. Elijah's mother does the same for him as he begs for reassurance that he wasn't a mistake and had some kind of purpose. She tells him that he's remarkable as his eyes go dark.

David lies dead in a puddle while Joseph shouts at the cops.

A Larger Universe(?)

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There is one final twist.

It turns out that Elijah knew about Staple all along, and his real plan was to expose her organization while revealing the existence of supers to the world at large in a suicide mission of sorts. He accomplishes this by linking the hospital's multiple cameras to an online feed, so everyone witnesses The Showdown.

The final shot sees Casey, Joseph and Elijah's mother sitting together in a train station while everyone around them reacts to the incredible footage.
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