GODZILLA Trailer Screenshots May Contain OTHER Monsters!

GODZILLA Trailer Screenshots May Contain OTHER Monsters!

With the King of All Monsters getting it's 2nd official trailer, let the nit-picking begin with these screenshots from the preview. Warning! They may just reveal some sweet spoilers that will offend the easily outraged.

If you haven't yet viewed the trailer. Do so, HERE!

Godzilla, the King of All Monsters is making a return, and from the looks of the trailer, it's going to be epic! Starring an amazing cast led by Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe among many others. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have, so far, created a film that looks to be as iconic as the original while creating a sense of enormity that trumps its predecessors.


Various bits and pieces can be scraped from the new trailer that helps paint an interesting picture. At timecode 1:33 you get a scene that appears to have some reddish/orange orbs covering what can only be described as a missile. However, if you blink, you'll miss the momentary image of what I interpret to be another creature altogether falling from the sky! Later images that are similar in the trailer are of fighter jets falling around the same scene. Easily this can confuse viewers into thinking they simply saw something that is not there. I'm wondering if this image is of King Ghidorah, or Rodan, in some other variation?

Could this be Rodan?


Could we be seeing one of Godzilla's biggest enemies in this and previous clips?

I'd venture to say it's a re-imagined version of Rodan. As ridiculous as it would be to say, King Ghidorah wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. You can also see in timecode 2:07 that a Godzilla Talon, it is not. Even if the iconic roar that sends chills down all of our spines is what we're hearing, that flicker is so quick that it takes screenshots like this to catch what is in the frame. I venture to speculate it's a talon from some form of a dinosaur-like wing. While I'd love to prove my theory, seeing anymore quite possibly could ruin the film. Even with all the eye-candy the studios continue to deliver.

It seems that Monster Island may be a very real concept in this film as well. What may develop into (either) a continuous stream of monsters that will be assaulting the Earth, allowing the eventual transition for Godzilla to be inadvertently utilized as a hero character. Or, simply a mess of creatures thrown together is anyone's guess. Whether either concept will develop in this movie, or leave wiggle room for future sequels is unclear. For all we know, the studio may be completely blowing their load into one insanely over-the-top monster rampage disaster porn.


For now, I like the rest of you, lie in wait until May 16th, when the film hits theaters. This is one I will thoroughly abuse my press access to catch as early as possible. One I will be watching and enjoying from a D-Box seat in an IMAX Theater. This is the kind of movie intended to be enjoyed in such a theater, with a massive bucket of popcorn in hand equal in proportion to that of Godzilla himself.


Here is a look at the original Teaser trailer

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