Is Indie Director Colin Trevorrow A Candidate To Helm STAR WARS VII?

Is Indie Director Colin Trevorrow A Candidate To Helm STAR WARS VII?

Word is George Lucas was a big fan of Trevorrow's movie Safety Not Guaranteed, and met with him before the Disney sale - but the director is still a possibility to bring the seventh Star Wars movie to our screens. Read on for details..

We can expect a LOT of these rumors over the next while, but apparently indie director Colin Trevorrow is definitely on Disney's radar to helm their new Star Wars movie.

Celeb Buzz say their sources have confirmed that Trevorrow "is indeed on the list of potential names that could shepherd a new trilogy of films". The site report that George Lucas actually met with the director several months ago about the project, but even after Disney purchased Lucasfilm on October 30th, he is still on the shortlist. Of course we can't confirm this, and have no idea how reliable Celeb Buzz's sources are, but the story has been picked up by some more reputable sites - so it's worth reporting as a solid rumor for now at least.

Trevorrow would certainly be an "outside the box" choice, having only directed a documentary (Reality Show), a tv movie (Gary: Under Crisis) and the Sundance breakout hit Safety Not Guaranteed - a quirky time-travel comedy. If the new Star Wars movie did wind up being helmed by Trevorrow, how would you guys feel about it?

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