Is This The First Look at GODZILLA?

Is This The First Look at GODZILLA?

Is This The First Look at GODZILLA?

Legendary Pictures is rebooting GODZILLA with Gareth Edwards (Monsters) to direct and David Goyer (Batman Begins) is writing the screenplay. But will the powerful monster be CGI or a man in a rubber suit?

Last time Godzilla got the Hollywood treatment was in 1998 when Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) and SONY created a film that hardly resembled anything that fans were accustomed to. The star, Godzilla looked nothing like he usually does. Is as though they took the name Godzilla and slapped a Jurassic Park look to the film.

As for the reboot that Legendary Pictures is working on, infamouskidd's source is reporting that creature sculptor, Hector Arce's design of Godzilla is the blueprint. Even more exciting is that Legendary is rumored to be going with a rubber suited Godzilla instead of all CGI creation. How great is that?

Our source in the know on the new look of Godzilla sent us off in the direction of Hector A. Arce, a creature/fantasy sculptor, who we’ve been told is part of the design team for Legendary’s film, primarily because this version of Godzilla is based on a sculpt he did of Godzilla quite some time ago. Legendary’s roll-out of GODZILLA concept art at Comic-Con back in 2010 was based on his design, and, even with a few tweaks here and there, I’m hearing that the final approved version of Godzilla shouldn’t look that drastically different from this:

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The bigger question though is – how will Godzilla be brought to the screen? Will it be another CGI creation? Will we be lucky to get an old-school rubber suit? I’m hearing that the plan, as it stands now, is for Godzilla to actually be in the flesh, with someone filling a rubber suit for Godzilla’s return. The head will be controlled by animatronics, and any touch-ups needed for the final film will then fall upon CGI.

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