John Woo's unaired 'Lost in Space' reboot now online.

John Woo's unaired 'Lost in Space' reboot now online.

8 Years ago John Woo attempted to reboot the tv series 'Lost in Space', the show was turned down and never went beyond the pilot which was filmed. Well the pilot is just now seeing the light of day for your viewing.

In 2003-2004 John Woo filmed a television pilot titled 'The Robinsons: Lost in Space', the show was a reboot of the 1960's 'Lost in Space' tv series.

The series was of course never picked up and the pilot was never aired and until now only a select few have ever seen it. You can see some of the shows sets on Battlestar Galactica (the Battlestar Pegasus).

Some glorious user has posted the pilot in five parts on YouTube, the quality is decent, not great but it's watchable.
The videos have actually been on YouTube for quite a while but if you notice the view count, it looks like not many people even knew they existed.

The videos cannot be embedded so here are the links to the parts.






'The Robinsons: Lost in Space'.
Director - John Woo
Writer - Douglas Petrie

Jayne Brook - Maureen Robinson
Mike Erwin - Don West
Brad Johnson - John Robinson
Ryan Malgarini - Will Robinson
Gil McKinney - David Robinson
Adrianne Palicki - Judy Robinson
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