Joss Whedon Would Still Consider A Return To The FIREFLY Universe

Joss Whedon Would Still Consider A Return To The FIREFLY Universe

Before taking on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers, there was another ensemble that Joss Whedon brought to the big screen - the cast of cancelled TV show Firefly in 2005's Serenity. Here are his thoughts on returning to the universe.

IndieWire have posted an excerpt from Joss Whedon's chat at SXSW in which he reveals that he still holds onto the hope that he'll get the opportunity to return to the world he created over a decade ago: Firefly.

"I keep thinking they're going to call me, crunch the numbers and say "Hey, we can make money from this!" -- but they don't. I would never rule it out, I love those people. But I can't just wait by the phone."

The series lasted only 14 episodes and was arguably treated very badly by Fox. Many blame the low ratings on the fact that episodes were aired out of the intended order. Luckily for fans of a series (which would go on to achieve cult status) Whedon was given a chance to give the show a proper send off with the big screen continuation in 2005, Serenity. Unfortunately, despite being a hit with critics and fans alike, it failed to make its budget back until it was released on DVD. However, with a large fan base still in existence, do you think it would be a good idea for the director to try and find a way to bring Captain "Mal" Reynolds and his crew back? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.

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