Is This The JURASSIC PARK 4 Teaser Poster?

Is This The JURASSIC PARK 4 Teaser Poster?

Even though the movie is still a couple of years away, Movieweb reckon they've been sent a low-res snap of the first teaser poster from a source at Amblin Entertainment, which is expected to be officially released at SDCC. Take a look and see what you think..

Here is the poster, which carries the tagline "Life Found A Way" -- a callback to a quote from the first Jurassic Park's Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). As you can see the pic features the original mosquito preserved in tree sap, from which the very first traces of Dino DNA were extracted.

The image was accompanied by this note:

"A friend of mine works for Amblin Entertainment, and he told me that a teaser poster will be released soon for the 2015 blockbuster, Jurassic Park IV. I didn't believed him, so he just sent me a picture from the poster, without any comment. It seems valid, but I don't know for sure. I think it will come to light soon!"

What do you think..real or fake? It's certainly generic enough to be a real teaser poster! Guess we'll find out soon enough.

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