Joseph Mazzello On Playing Mouse in G.I. Joe 2 and Returning for Jurassic Park 4

Joseph Mazzello On Playing Mouse in G.I. Joe 2 and Returning for Jurassic Park 4

Joseph Mazzello On Playing Mouse in <em>G.I. Joe 2</em> and Returning for <em>Jurassic Park 4</em>

The actor that played Tim Murphy in Jurassic Park and made a cameo in The Lost World revealed his desire to see a grown up Tim in the possible fourth film.

Joseph Mazzello recently revealed new details about his Mouse character in G.I. Joe: Retaliation to the Dutch website filmtotaal. As best as I can translate it, he said, "It's something completely different, but I have a lot of fun filming my scenes. I play Mouse, a new Joe with his gun firing bullets and controlling them with a joystick in certain directions can be sent." That is the best I could do with Google translate. But, from what I've also read, basically Mouse will be a brash young Joe who brings technology to the battle.

What follows is an excerpt from Joe's interview with
And you’re currently shooting G.I. Joe 2?

I am. I’m on hiatus from that at the moment. It’s going great. [Director] Jon Chu is fantastic and we actually went to school together and he texted me one day with a ‘Hey, I have a role for you in my movie, do you wanna do it?’ I told him that for him I’d do craft services… and that was how it happened. I’m loving it – Dwanye Johnson is fantastic. I think you could crush me with his pinky… but he wouldn’t – he’s the nicest, most gentle guy. Channing Tatum is so much fun. We’ve had a blast on set and going out at night experiencing New Orleans the way it’s supposed to be done.

So, Jurassic Park 4… There are rumblings and rumours. Have you been contacted, and would you be interested?

I know they are writing it and it’s been developed right now. The last time I saw Steven was at the Emmys and I put the bug in his ear, I have no shame in that! I said, ‘Hey, let me know when you’re doing Jurassic Park 4, ok?’ If it came around and I was a part of it that would be an absolute thrill. I think it would be a great idea to have Tim grown up and see how that would affect things. We’ll see, you never know. If it happens it’ll be the greatest thrill of my life.
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