Let's Leave The Old Stuff Back At The Door And Bring In The New "Jurassic Park" Trilogy Idea!

Let's Leave The Old Stuff Back At The Door And Bring In The New "Jurassic Park" Trilogy Idea!

Sounds like the trilogy will see the Dino's ditch the island!

Good! We have seen that already. Time for something new. If I have to go sit through another Jurassic Park movie then please someone give me a fresh take on the exhausted franchise! I'm like everyone else, I can enjoy a good "T-Rex raises all types of Hell" movie but the "Oh shit, I'm stuck on an Island with Dinosaurs" idea has been done to death. I did however like my twin, Vince Vaughn's role in the second installment but please whatever you do no more stranded island scenarios!!

Look now, my rant is legit, see even Joe Johnston who directed Jurassic Park 3, shares my views by adding:

"Why would anybody go back to that island? It was hard enough to figure out the second and third reason for them to go, but it would take it off in a whole other trilogy basically, but when it gets to that level it's sort of about studios and Steven [Spielberg's] thing and who knows."

See! I told ya so. Johnston further stated:

"There is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with and it's nothing like the first three. It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved."

Now for my fourth grade point of view: "I want to see Stegosaurus go up against T-Rex damn it!"

Just for any of you losers who don't know that Jurassic Park is in fact a comic book:

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