Klingons Confirmed For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS; Alice Eve's Role Revealed

Klingons Confirmed For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS; Alice Eve's Role Revealed

It seems it won't only be 'John Harrison' giving the crew of The Enterprise headaches in J.J. Abrams' upcoming sequel, as perhaps the most iconic Star Trek villains in history, The Klingons, have been spotted in new footage from the movie..

As the internet goes space-crazy over all of the lovely Star Trek Into Darkness footage and info over the last few days, we have even more news on J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated sci-fi follow up. More new footage was screened today for a select few at the Bad Robot Avid Post Production Webinar, and it turns out those rumors of Klingons on the starboard bow were true after all..

SHH's Silas Lesnick Tweeted the following..

This should make Trekkies pretty happy. The Klingons were allies of Starfleet in the later Star Trek series, but the early incarnations served as the show's/movie's primary antagonists. Hopefully we'll find out a bit more about their appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness as more info on the footage leaks.

Also, Frosty from Collider just Tweeted this..

That would be Dr. Carol Marcus, as in Kirk's love interest and Mother to his son David - at least in the old continuity. She also created 'Project Genesis', the scientific breakthrough responsible for bringing Spock back to life after his sacrifice to save the Enterprise from Khan in Star Trek 2. Hmmmm.

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