Marty McFly's Power Laced Sneakers (BACK TO THE FUTURE II) To Be Released In 2015

Marty McFly's Power Laced Sneakers (BACK TO THE FUTURE II) To Be Released In 2015

Shut up and take my money! On Friday, a shoe designer for Nike, revealed that his sneaker-company will be producing sneakers with the power-lacing features as seen in Back To The Future II.

ku xlarge Nike Designer Confirms Marty McFlys Power Laces Are Coming In 2015

This is heavy, Doc! Hey, remember those Nike sneakers Michael J. Fox's character Marty McFly wore that automatically laced-up in the 1989 sequel Back to the Future Part II? Of course you do. I now have good news. The wait is finally over. Yesterday at the Jordan Brand's Flight Lab space in New Orleans, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was asked about the chances of Nike producing a power-lacing sneaker soon.

"Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!" said Hatfield.

There you have it, we'll finally have the opportunity to wear the sneakers that we could only dream of. We did get our hopes up several years ago, when in 2011 Nike MAG were produced which were replicas of Marty McFly's futuristic sneakers but they did not feature the ability to auto-lace. Also, those shoes were only available in limited supply. If you wanted to get your hands on one of those 1500 pairs you had to bid on them on EBay. It was all for a good cause, though. Proceeds from that auction went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

So, when in 2015 can we expect Nike to release them? Perhaps the film holds the key. When Doc brings Marty and Jennifer into the future they arrive on October 21, 2015. Perhaps Nike will release them in October. We shall see.

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