Matt Reeves Chosen To Direct The Twilight Zone

Matt Reeves Chosen To Direct <I>The Twilight Zone</i>

The Let Me In director is Warner Bros.' first choice to direct their upcoming Twilight Zone film, with negotiations to begin next week and possibly beginning production by next summer...

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has chosen Matt Reeves - who directed films such Cloverfield and Let Me In - to direct their upcoming film The Twilight Zone, based on the classic TV series of the same name. The project has attracted directors such as Chris Nolan and Michael Bay, and negotiations with Reeves will begin early next week.

Matt Reeves has been chosen by Warner Bros to direct The Twilight Zone, the Jason Rothenberg-scripted thriller based on the classic Rod Serling TV series. Negotiations will get underway early next week, but this is an assignment that was coveted by a number of top directors.

Deadline goes on to say that this film will be completely different from the last Twilight Zone film, describing it as a 'big sci-fi action movie'. The studio is hoping to sign Reeves quickly to begin production on the film by next summer.

Though the last Twilight Zone film was an anthology with different directors, this one is a big science fiction action movie with a single freestanding story that is linked to the original series mainly in that it shares that familiarly eerie feel. The hope is to sign to sign Reeves quickly, continue to work on the script and get the picture into production by next summer.

Do you think Matt Reeves is a good choice to bring the Twilight Zone franchise back to life? Sound off your thoughts below in the usual place.
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