MINOTAURO Review of Avatar...The one that counts!?

MINOTAURO Review of <em>Avatar</em>...The one that counts!?

Is this the Star Wars of our decade?

My first ever attempt at a review so I'll give a crack at it..Bare with me.

This is ladies and gentleman by all means of what I can tell you in the most simplest words.. One word really. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Ror, I don't know what you meant by wasn't a game changer or should I add reinvent the wheel, cause apparently it's a lot like that. What I can remember of the 3-D I seen in August is overshadowed by what I've seen tonight! It was some mind blowing 3-D that, well, is going to change our 3-D entertainment as we know it.

Yes, Cameron is back, and back with something to prove that he still has the vision and creativity to make a compelling story. The CGI by all means is astounding and lives up to its billing. The characters are great, and the movie never seems to drag on it certain places. It had it's moments in length of time, but if you can sit through the Lord of the Rings, you'll enjoy this my friends.. Unless of course you got a one-track imagination.. :P

Negative things I'll touch on. Was over done on the length of time. Clocks in at 3 hours. Could of done with less Lu-Luing(War Crys) and the Music could of been more epic. But, pretty much nothing else that disappointed me. Hope y'all check it out..

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