MR. ROBOT Season 4 Premiere Spoiler-Free Review; "[The Show] Is Back And Better Than Ever"

MR. ROBOT Season 4 Premiere <font color=red>Spoiler-Free</font> Review; "[The Show] Is Back And Better Than Ever"

Mr. Robot returned for its fourth & final season this Sunday on the USA Network, but is it worth returning to Elliot's world after the show's lengthy absence? Find our spoiler-free verdict after the jump!

Despite frequent awards nominations and wins, the buzz surrounding Mr. Robot appears to have died down over the past year or two and it seems fair to say that the hype surrounding the fourth and final season has been minimal at best (something which can likely be blamed on it being absent from the USA Network last year).

That's a great shame, as the quality of the show has never really declined and this stellar opening episode is a showcase for a series that is definitely at its best. 

With America recovering from the Five/Nine Hack, the focus is moved to a somewhat more heroic Elliot as he sets his sights on taking down White Rose and her Dark Army once and for all. While her plan remains a mystery, she's more dangerous than ever - something that's emphasised multiple times throughout this premiere. It's a slow burn - this is a show that's always asked for patience from its audience - but a lot of interesting pieces are moved into place and the stage is set for a thirteen episode season which has the potential to deliver a satisfying ending to Mr. Robot after countless twists and turns. 

Oh, and believe us when we say there are plenty of those to be found here! Whether it's the shocking events of the opening few minutes or the way things wrap up (stay tuned through the credits), Mr. Robot clearly still has plenty of jaw-dropping surprises up its sleeve. 

Rami Malek and Christian Slate remain as brilliant as ever, and the change in their dynamic will be a treat for fans who miss that from the first season. Carly Chaikin's (Darlene) story arc this year is shaping up to be one that really showcases her talent, while Michael Cristofer's Phillip Price remains one of the most intriguing characters in the show, despite being portrayed as something of a one-dimensional villain earlier on its run. 

The time has passed for new viewers to dive into Mr. Robot, but it's not too late to catch up. If you've lost interest since the third season has aired, rest assured that there's plenty here to get you hooked again and showrunner Sam Esmail is definitely firing on all cylinders from a storytelling perspective. We'll all no doubt be left spending the next twelve weeks or so theorising about everything that happens from this point on, something that's always been one of the most enjoyable aspects of Mr. Robot.

It feels like we're entering the endgame, and it was the right move to wrap up this story now rather than stretching it out any further. Time will tell whether Esmail is able to deliver on those lingering, unanswered questions and the promise of this premiere, but the future is looking bright for that to be the case in this show's bleak world.

Mr. Robot is back and better than ever! With plenty of shocking moments and killer twists and turns, the signs are all pointing to the show's final season delivering the answers we've all been waiting for in an exciting and satisfying way.  

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