My Review of District 9 and G.I. Joe

Two reviews by user flames809.

district 9

this movie sucked from beginning to end its a wast of time. the only parts that were good was when the main character teams up with this alien named Chris and he uses alien gun that were cool and a robot.i was really falling to sleep in the fisrt 5 min of it i give this movie a 4/10 but this movie makes you think are we alone? and this movie also has a good story


this movie was great this movie was just a introduction so we know they will make more movie of it. it was cool how they introduce cobra at the end hes the same as the cartoon but he has a different mask that i think is just a prototype and how destro became destro. it had a great story and by the way when the ice was sinking it was because it had metal tubes in it and the cast was pretty good but some of the times they were a little off but it was all good i cant wait for the sequel. i give this movie 9/10
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