New Footage Description For PROMETHEUS

New Footage Description For PROMETHEUS

The first screening of new 3D footage from Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic Prometheus took place today at the Vue cinema in London's Leicester Square, and descriptions of what was shown are now coming in. Check out Total Film's take after the jump.

This morning, 20th Century Fox screened new footage from Sir Ridley Scott's upcoming science fiction/horror movie Prometheus, followed by a Q&A session with the director and some of the cast members. Total Film was among those present at the screening, and below is their description of the new footage shown (definitely some SPOILERS in it, so don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled). Click the link below to check out the brief Q&A with Scott, who reveals new tidbits about the film's connection to Alien.

First up was a sequence set on Scotland's Isle of Skye, in which research scientists Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green discover some peculiar markings on the wall of an old cave. Surmising that the etchings make reference to a race of extra-terrestrial beings, Rapace make the fateful proclamation that, "I think they want us to come and find them."

The next scene was set upon the good ship Prometheus in the year 2093, with Michael Fassbender's placid android, David, attending to a pushup-performing Charlize Theron. "Were there any casualties?" she asks him casually, as she completes her workout. David confirms that there were not.

She's referring to the awakening of the ship's research crew from their stasis chambers, having spent a whopping two and a half years in there before being roused. Straight off the bat it seems as though Theron's character, a suit from the Weyland Corporation, is a very cold fish indeed. Intriguingly, Theron revealed after the screening that her character is initially detached from the mission, but has actually got a very personal reason for being there.

We're briefly introduced to various crew members (including Idris Elba's scene-stealing badass, the pilot, Janek) before a hologram of Peter Weyland introduces the lead scientists and congratulates them on the mission ahead. As suggested by his TED talk, it's to be one of discovery. He also makes reference to David the android, describing him as "a son" before referring to his absence of a soul. David looks a bit hurt.

It's then the turn of Marshall-Green and Rapace to explain the mission ahead, referring to their cave-based findings and revealing their discovery of a planet with its own moon, capable of sustaining life. That's where the crew are heading. Sean Harris makes a snide comment scoffing about the veracity of cave paintings, leading us to believe his card may well be marked…

The final sequence showed us Prometheus coming in to land on the aforementioned planet, with Elba revelling in centre stage, firing off one-liners and generally chewing the scenery to great effect. It was probably the most visually arresting sequence in a film that promises to be extremely easy on the eye.

And via a Michael Fassbender fansite, a new wallpaper featuring the actor (who plays the android David) is now online. Check it out below:

Prometheus is set to hit theaters June 8th, later this year.

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