New Godzilla Adaptation Moving Forward with Monsters Director!

New Godzilla Adaptation Moving Forward with Monsters Director!

New <i>Godzilla</i> Adaptation Moving Forward with <i>Monsters</i> Director!

The rights for the giant lizard 'Godzilla' has been bought out by Legendary, with new reports revealing a new director in Monsters' Gareth Edwards. Check it Out!

Godzilla has grown from being a Japanese movie monster, to a worldwide pop culture icon appearing in numerous media incarnations including Marvel comics. And the creature has starred in twenty-eight films, all produced by Toho Co., Ltd. And now according to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Pictures have bought out the character's rights for a new adaption, with a new director in line.

"Gareth Edwards, the British filmmaker who wrote and directed indie sci-fi movie Monsters, is closing a deal to develop and direct the creature feature for Legendary Pictures, the company that helped produce blockbusters such as Inception and The Dark Knight."

Edwards' Monster film apparently landed him the Godzilla gig, which was made for a budget in the low six figures and took a different tact in its handling of the alien invasion genre.

With Gareth Edwards bringing Godzilla into the 21 century, what do you think?
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