Official CLOVERFIELD 3 Title Leaked By Crew Member's LinkedIn Listing?

Official CLOVERFIELD 3 Title Leaked By Crew Member's LinkedIn Listing?

It appears that the third entry in JJ Abrams' anthology series' title may have been leaked if this lighting artist's LinkedIn profile is anything to go by...

As per JJ Abrams' Mystery Box; The third installment in the Cloverfield franchise has been surrounded by secrecy, but now it appears that its official title may have been mistakenly revealed by a crew member's LinkedIn profile.

Ray Xu, a lighting artist for the movie, has listed the movie's title as:

Cloverfield Station

This title fits nicely into the naming scheme laid-out by the previous installments; The first simply titled, Cloverfield, and it's sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane.

After being delayed multiple times, the movie finally setteld on a release date of April 20th 2018. An online ARG was just recently launched to coincide with the movie and a trailer is expected to land next month, coinciding with Paramount's next major theatrical release, Annihilation.

For the longest time the sequel has been referred to as God Particle, in reference to the in-universe element that sends Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Debecki, and the rest of the crew, aboard the space station, into disaster.

Based on the release date, ARG launch and expected trailer release, as well as the narrative links, the assumption is that this is the new official title for Cloverfield 3.

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