PACIFIC RIM UPRISING Has More Of Guillermo Del Toro's Vision That You Thought

PACIFIC RIM UPRISING Has More Of Guillermo Del Toro's Vision That You Thought

A movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters may seem mundane and childish, but Del Toro made Pacific Rim anything but mundane or childish, but it's hard to tell how the sequel will turn out.

Pacific Rim grew quite popular, thanks to its exuberant plot of giant robots fighting giant monsters, but fans have been quite divisive when they viewed the trailer for a sequel, even more so when they learned Del Toro left the project, since he had to commit to the Shape Of Water. Instead, it's the showrunner of Marvel Netflix's season 1 of Daredevil, Steven S. DeKnight.

On top of the fact that it is generally an unnecessary sequel, the main reason why some fans are skeptical is that the trailer showcases a noticeably different movie from what made the first one so special.

The trailer showcased lighter, more agile jaegers and all the action scenes took place in broad daylight - removing the "gritty" feel the first one had.

However, fans should not worry too much even with a new director, since Del Toro had a more artistic control that you thought. The director explained:

"I prepped my version of Pacific Rim 2. I developed the screenplay, I storyboarded the creatures and the robots on that, and then that suspension of six months ... I left, and helped select the new director, and that's about it."

So, aside from design, it may be comforting to know that the DeKnight was one of Del Toro's first pick to take the helm but it's impossible to tell how much control he really had on the film.

Pacific Rim Uprising is set to release March 23, 2018.
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