SCOOP: Hasbro Sees Huge Potential In The POWER RANGERS Brand Including More Movies

<font color=red>SCOOP</font>: Hasbro Sees Huge Potential In The POWER RANGERS Brand Including More Movies

CEO Brian Goldner recently said that Hasbro was looking into developing a sequel to the 2017 Power Rangers film. CBM reached out for further comment and got more details on the potential of the brand...

Power Rangers was released last year with much fan fare, and broke out for a pretty decent opening weekend. However, the film was panned by critics (45% on Rotten Tomatoes) and even with the opening weekend, the film quickly fell flat finishing with a little over 42 million dollars over the 100 million dollar production budget.

The film teased audiences with what could be coming during a mid-credits scene that foreshadowed the arrival of the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. However, with the mediocre BO and reviews, a sequel seemed pretty unlikely. The only glimmer of hope came in the form of home sales which were nothing spectacular, but pretty decent at just over 11 million dollars.

Hasbro recently acquired the Power Rangers brand from Saban Entertainment for a whopping 522 million dollars, and has laid out plans for a very diverse and robust line of products. One of those products would seem to indicate a follow up the 2017 feature film where it is said Hasbro is meeting with studios to try to get the project off the ground. The last film was released by Lionsgate.

CBM reached out to Hasbro for comment regarding the potential sequel to the movie and we received the following statement from Julie Duffy, SVP of Global Communications:

We see tremendous potential for the Power Rangers franchise around our entire brand blueprint, including feature films. We have nothing specific to announce at this time, but please stay tuned for future news and updates around the Power Rangers brand.


Hasbro is in the process of phasing out the old Power Rangers product lines to make way for theirs, Based on projections from the company, the earliest we can expect to see new Power Rangers merchandise is 2019. However, it could take longer for any new information to develop on a sequel to the 2017 film.

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