THE PREDATOR Gets An Official R-Rating As A Full Batch Of New Images Land Online

THE PREDATOR Gets An Official R-Rating As A Full Batch Of New Images Land Online

THE PREDATOR Gets An Official R-Rating As A Full Batch Of New Images Land Online

Shane Black promised that The Predator would not be watered down for a PG-13 rating last year, and the director was true to his word. We also have eight new stills, which you can check out after the jump.

Director Shane Black's "PG-13 is for pussies" Tweet from last year was obviously a strong indication that he was targeting an adult audience with The Predator, and sure enough, the upcoming sci-fi actioner has been rated R for “strong bloody violence, language throughout, and crude sexual references.”

Though this already seemed evident from the red band trailer, with the likes of The Meg and now Venom being toned down to reach a wider demographic, many fans were worried that 20th Century Fox may follow suit and take the claws away from Black's beast.

To accompany the good news, we also have a batch of stills from the movie. Some are brand new, while others are hi-res version of scanned pics we've featured previously.

To view the images all at once, simply click on the VIEW LIST (ONE PAGE) button below!

The Fodder

Some of the movie's protagonists, including Boyd Holbrook, Keegan Michael Key and Olivia Munn, stand with weapons at the ready.

Do they stand a chance against the near-unstoppable alien hunters? Well, the body count is usually pretty high in Predator movies so expect at least a couple of the characters pictured here to meet a nasty end.

Wave Goodbye To Your Spine

A classic incarnation of the Yautja (yes, that's what they're called apparently) here, holding an unfortunate human foe aloft. 

This poor fella must be terrified, but something tells us he'll be feeling positively spineless very soon.

One Ugly Motherf*cker

A shot of one of the titular beasts sans mask.

Based on previous images from the same location, we know he's about to start throwing bodies around that room any minute.

The Fodder #2

Another image of Holbrook as Quinn McKenna and Holt as Casey Bracket, this time alongside Trevante Rhodes' character, Williams.

He doesn't get a first name which means he's definitely screwed.


The Predators are not exactly what you'd call aesthetically pleasing without their masks, but with them there's no denying they look seriously cool.

Based on previous images, we know that's Holbrook's character he has by the scruff.


We're not sure how to type the sound that The Predator's make when they switch to heat-vision, but we're sure your hearing  it in your head right now.

This appears to be a shot of Jacob Tremblay’s character, who activates one of the masks and inadvertently calls the Hish-Qu-Ten (yes, that's another name for them apparently) to earth.

The Big Guy

Two shots of the highly divisive Super Predator, also known as the Upgrade Predator and the Hulk Predator.

We're still not sure how we feel about this guy, but he certainly looks formidable.

Tell us, are you looking forward to The Predator? Black's film will receive its premiere at the TIFF in just over 2 weeks time.
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