Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford To Appear In BLADE RUNNER Sequel

Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford To Appear In BLADE RUNNER Sequel

The director, who is set to direct a sequel to his 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, expresses his desire to see Harrison Ford have a role in the sequel (despite his character not being the focus of the story).

Recently, news broke that Hampton Fancher (who wrote the script for the original Blade Runner) will return to write another installment. It appears that he and director Riddley Scott have agreed that the movie should be a sequel, instead of a rumored prequel.

The director confirmed this info in a recent interview with The Independent. Fancher may not have begun writing a script yet, but it sounds like he and Scott know which direction the story should go. Scott also says that he would like Harrison Ford (who played Deckard in the first movie) to appear in the sequel, but he won't be the main focus. "I don't think it'll be Harrison [starring]. But I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing," Scott said. Recently, Scott revealed that the protagonist of the new film will be a female.

Riddley Scott is currently promoting Prometheus, and he will begin shooting The Counselor this summer. He is expected to focus on the new Blade Runner movie afterwards (unless a Prometheus sequel is fast tracked). Stay tuned to CBM for more Blade Runner news.

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