Edward Norton & Gael Garcia Bernal Circling ROBOCOP; Interest In Sean Penn?

Edward Norton & Gael Garcia Bernal Circling ROBOCOP; Interest In Sean Penn?

Insider reports indicate that a whole bevy of big stars are being looked at for roles in José Padilha's upcoming reboot of the Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classic..

It seems MGM could be looking to pad out the cast of their Robocop remake with some top notch talent. Apparently circling roles next to Joel Kinnaman's Alex Murphy are Edward Norton, Gael Garcia Bernal and Rebecca Hall, with studio interest in Sean Penn for a supporting role. Some further plot details are also touched upon.

Here is an excerpt from The Tracking Board's report..

Edward Norton is circling to, fittingly enough, play the role of Norton, the brilliant mastermind behind bringing Robocop to life...Also circling are Gael Garcia Bernal and Rebecca Hall in strong supporting roles. Bernal would look to be cast as Jack Lewis, Alex’s dashingly handsome police partner who eventually begins a relationship with Hall’s character, Clara, Alex’s former wife before his transformation into Robocop.

There is strong interest in Sean Penn to assume the role of Novack, a right-wing news reporter who sticks to his guns when it comes to his political views.

The site have posted some legit scoops in the past, with certain other websites even aggregating their news as "exclusives", but we'll leave the question mark for now until we can get some further confirmation. If this is on the level and any of these actors do commit, it will certainly be a big feather in the cap for this remake, which has been met with some skepticism from fans thus far.

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