Leaked ROBOCOP Merchandise Offers First Official Promotional Art

Leaked ROBOCOP Merchandise Offers First Official Promotional Art

Leaked images of the upcoming action figures for Jose Padilha's RoboCop not only show off official promotional artwork, but also complete looks at all 3 robotic armor's Alex Murphy will be wearing during the film!

Spanish Toy Collectible website KanpekiSetto have possibly leaked these new images of 2014's RoboCop. The first image details all three suits that Joel Kinnaman's Alex Murphy will wear throughout the movie and matches descriptions of the suits in the leaked script (the first being an homage to the original, the second being an olive green repaint of it.) In additional photos, we also see RoboCop's new motorcycle, however for these toys, it has more white on it and the word POLICE, which weren't present on the motorcycle in set photos.

It's really unknown whether or not these toys are concepts or not, considering they are orderable at the source with a release date April 2014. They also note that the figures were created by Jada Toys. Regardless, these toys' boxart provides the first look at official RoboCop promotional stills and artwork which we should be seeing in the next few weeks as the trailer is confirmed to appear next to Elysium.

Overall, are you excited for the new RoboCop film?

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