ROBOCOP Sequel Writer Reveals New Story Details And Neil Blomkamp's Hope To Bring Back Peter Weller

ROBOCOP Sequel Writer Reveals New Story Details And Neil Blomkamp's Hope To Bring Back Peter Weller

Neil Blomkamp is developing a RoboCop sequel and writer Ed Neumeier has shed some light on what the filmmaker may have in store for the movie, including the villains and plans to bring back Peter Weller.

It's been a long time since we've seen a good RoboCop movie, and most fans would agree that none of them have lived up to the 1987 original. Well, the franchise is being resurrected by Neil Blomkamp as the filmmaker is hard at work developing RoboCop Returns, a sequel based on a script by original writers Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner.

Now, the former has shed some light on what we should expect and while it sounds like it will be going in a slightly different direction to what those two had originally planned, it seems like this could be the RoboCop sequel we've all been waiting for. 

"Neill Blomkamp and his screenwriter Justin Rhodes have done a pass on the script we were writing on and they’re doing another one. It is a slightly different concept in some ways than we were originally doing. I don’t want to talk too much about it…but we’re hopeful and I think Neill really really wants to make a good RoboCop movie. His idea is that it should be the proper Verhoeven, if Verhoeven had directed a movie right after RoboCop. I think that’s what he is trying to achieve and I hope he does. We’ll see what happens next."

After mentioning that we could see "augmented humans" as the sequel's villains, Neumeier noted that the current plan is indeed to bring back Peter Weller.

"As you know from the press that Neill Blomkamp wants to bring back Peter Weller back and what you get when you do that if you use the DNA of the old property in the new is that you get something that shares continuity and fans can embrace the brand," he explained.

Whether or not that will actually end up happening is hard to say, but it would be amazing to see. 
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