SDCC '14: WARCRAFT Footage Description And Reactions; Travis Fimmel Is Lothar?

SDCC '14: WARCRAFT Footage Description And Reactions; Travis Fimmel Is Lothar?

Check out the footage description for Duncan Jones' Warcraft portion of the Legendary Pictures SDCC panel. Based on the reactions, it appears that the film is very "high-fantasy", complete with griffins and energy blasts.


-Warcraft is an origin story says director Duncan Jones. He wishes to show the audience how the humans and orcs came into conflict.
-The footage was very brief, mostly focusing on the various landscapes of Azeroth. However, there was a brief battle clip, revealing Travis Fimmel’s character. He’s playing a human, a knight with a massive beard says AICN’s Eric Vespie. This can only mean that Fimmel is playing Anduin Lothar in the film.
-“I’ve spent more time protecting my king than my own son,” says a human voice. This is presumably Lothar.
-”I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle but I fear being a father. Does that make me a leader or a coward?,” laments an orc. This is presumably Durotan.
-Although we saw Durotan, we don’t know which of the confirmed cast is playing him as the orcs are all CG, described as being something of a cross between Lord of the Rings and Avatar.
-Following the voice overs, there’s a footage montage of an epic battle that has a very high fantasy element that sounds like it’s Lord of the Rings x 1000.

There is an ornate chamber, full of swords and armor in neat rows everywhere. There are huge banners inside a royal chamber, with a massive throne that puts the Iron Throne to shame. There is a mountainous landscape with green clouds floating over it, with lightning shooting out of them….And then there’s shit-tons of action. The king has some kind of blue crystal in his hand, and then we see a woman shooting a similar blue glow into the air with her hand, and a man who has a glowy blue sigil carved on his forearm.

People are shooting lighting bolts out of their hands, and there is all-out melee between orcs and humans. At one point, a guy riding on a giant bird swoops down to attack a huge-ass orc. This film is seriously committing to the high-fantasy vibe, with people shooting light out of their hands while wearing ornate costumes, and lots of wild and crazy violence.

[Footage description via io9]

The cgi and vfx in the film was said to look good but obviously far from finished. Thus, Legendary didn’t post the short teaser online, however, they did reveal the teaser logo.

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