Some movies that should be re-made.

Some movies that should be re-made.

I think that some movies need to be re-made since the idea was good, but it just didn't work out the first time.

I do not like a lot of re-makes like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th." The reason why I don't like those remakes is because the original movies are still good classic movies that should never get old and a remake is just unnecessary. Now on to the reason I am writing this article. There are some movies out there that are not really classics, but I think they have good stories and could be very good if done correctly".

3. The Toxic Avenger

If any of you have seen the "Toxic Avenger," you know that it is very cheesy and sort of dumb. However, I think that if done properly, it could be pretty cool. If you haven't seen this movie, it is about a nerd that falls in a vat of chemicals and becomes a large monster that fights to become an anti hero.

2. The Guyver

This is another movie that is sort of cheesy and cartoonish. I think that with today's special effects, it would become pretty awesome. The story of the Guyver is a man that finds an alien device which turns him into a warrior. It was created to destroy alien invaders that have come to our planet.

1. Robocop

Yes I know "Robocop" is a classic action movie, but you have to admit that the movie is sort of cartoony. Again with great effects and a better script I think it would be a hit.

Now what movies do you think should be remade or rebooted? Again I am only a fan of remakes if the original was not very good or could have been better.
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