Spoilers for Doctor Who Series Finale

Spoilers for Doctor Who Series Finale

Spoilers for Doctor Who Series Finale

The Pandorica opens!!

If your one of those who can't wait to get the latest on the Series 5 finale, have a look at the concept art below.

If you would rather wait then looking at the pictures is the worst thing you could do. But I know you still will, I would!

"Fans found a couple of pieces of concept art on artist Peter McKinstry's website, involving the Pandorica, the mysterious box that gets opened in the final two-parter of Doctor Who's current season. What's inside the Pandorica? We've heard it referred to as a "prison-box of legend," and the Doctor tells River Song it's just a fairy tale — but she's already seen it at that point. Also, there's this intriguing description for the final episode, "The Big Bang": "The Doctor is gone, the TARDIS has been destroyed, and the universe is collapsing. The only hope for all reality is a little girl who still believes in stars."

So what's inside the Pandorica? Or at least, what's going to be inside it? Check out this concept art!

The Doctor seems to be the most feared being in the whole cosmos according to this picture.

And after careful studying off all the spoilers i have come to this conclusion:
The Doctor sacrifices himself and the Tardis in order to defeat the multiple enemies he faces (hence the Tardis shard in the time stream), but the magic of time traveler allows him to place himself in the Pandorica. What do you think?

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