J.J. Abrams To Commit To Star Trek 2 After Super 8 Is Released!

J.J. Abrams To Commit To <I>Star Trek 2</i> After <I>Super 8</i> Is Released!

The director of the rebooted Star Trek franchise has confirmed that he will bring his attention to the second installment after his latest project, Super 8, is released. More after the jump!

We haven't heard much lately from J.J. Abrams concerning the highly anticipated sequel to his Star Trek film. That's because he was so busy with his latest project, Super 8, that he hasn't had time to commit to Star Trek 2. In a recent interview, however, he talked about how the script was being handled, with Damon Lindelof having a stronger hand in the script writing. From Movieweb.com:

"Damon is working on the script for this one. As busy as I've been with Super 8, I remember that when we did the first one, Damon was that busy with Lost. So it's going to be very cool to have him on board as a writer. There are some amazing ideas. These are not just great friends of mine, but they're great writers. I'm thrilled and very optimistic that it's going to get to where it needs to get to."

Says his main focus right is finishing Super 8:

"The truth is that my focus has been so much on finishing Super 8 that it's been something I'm looking forward to getting to, but with an incredibly compressed post schedule, there hasn't been a whole lot of time for me to be working with the writers. Now that Super 8 is drawing to a close in terms of this post schedule, I'm looking forward to jumping in and hopefully getting that ready as soon as possible."

Star Trek 2 hits theaters June 29th, 2012!
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