Simon Pegg Has A Message For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Haters: "F*ck You"

Simon Pegg Has A Message For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Haters: "F*ck You"

Not anyone who didn't like the movie you understand, but specifically the hardcore Trekkies who voted J.J. Abrams' recent sequel as the worst Star Trek flick of all time! Read on for Pegg's comments in full..

At the Star Trek 2013 con's 'One Trek Mind Live' panel in Las Vegas earlier this month, fans in attendance voted Star Trek Into Darkness the worst Trek movie so far -- yes, worse than Generations, Insurrection, Nemesis, and The Final bloody Frontier. They also voted Galaxy Quest (a Trek homage/parody with absolutely no canonical ties to the franchise) perhaps it's best not to delve too deeply into their logic, or lack thereof. Anyway, this didn't sit too well with Simon Pegg, who plays Chief Engineer "Scotty" in the movie. He doesn't hold back in an interview with the Huffinton Post, and then likens the reaction to Into Darkness to fans of an indie band tiring of them when they get too popular.

"It's asinine, you know? It's ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all JJ wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass f**king ire, I just say, 'F**k you'. [It's like] when you tire of an indie band that you love because they get a number one single.. Star Trek Into Darkness is the most successful Star Trek movie ever made. It is, in terms of what it took at the box office and how many people went to see it. More people saw that film than any iteration of Star Trek that existed before. That is probably slightly annoying to some Star Trek fans - which I totally understand."

Do you agree that STID was the worst so far? Or is Pegg spot on with his reaction? Sound off below.

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