STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Showrunner Reveals The Thematic Focus For Season 2

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Showrunner Reveals The Thematic Focus For Season 2

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Showrunner Reveals The Thematic Focus For Season 2

It's been a long road getting from there to here. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY has wrapped its first season and while we're all processing the journey we've been on, one of the showrunners is looking to the next.

There were a multitude of naysayers when Star Trek: Discovery was first announced and in the early days of its release, but throughout its first season - especially the latter half - the show has proven that its long form storytelling was always about the journey to becoming the Star Trek we know and love.

It was about exploring, finding and earning those ideals when it's hardest - through a fog of War. All doubts were proven false and fears assuaged as Star Trek: Discovery delivered arguably the strongest and most consistent inaugural season that the franchise has had to date.

But what journey will the second season take? Well, on the most recent episode of AfterTrek showrunner Aaron Roberts spoke about what we can expect from the already greenlit and in production second season of the show revealing:

I think thematically one of the things that we're really interested in this year is the collision of science and spirituality: I think that's something that moving from a war chapter excites us this season.

That's a very Star Trek and hard science-fiction concept to explore and while it's unclear how this will manifest itself (maybe God needs a starship) with a creative team that has no doubt earned a lot more trust, a cast that has really found itself and a final reveal that promises a lot of excitement -- this second "novel" of Star Trek is one that has this writer very interested in.

What do you think? Did you stick with Discovery throughout it's journey? Will you go back in on it if you didn't? And what would you like to see for the crew of NNC-1031 going forward? Leave your thoughts below.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY is available for streaming NOW on CBS All Access in the US and on NETFLIX Internationally.
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