After SOLO's Dismal Box Office Performance, Future STAR WARS Spinoffs Have Been Put On Hold

After SOLO's Dismal Box Office Performance, Future STAR WARS Spinoffs Have Been Put On <font color=red>Hold</font>

We have some bad news for Star Wars fans today because it appears as if all those upcoming spinoffs have now been put on hold after Solo: A Star Wars Story failed to take off at the box office last month.

It initially appeared as if Lucasfilm's Star Wars Anthology movies would hit theaters every other year but Collider reveals that all future spinoffs have now been put on hold. Instead, the studio is focusing on Episode IX and what will be the next trilogy to follow that once Rey's story concludes in December 2019. What's to blame for this change in direction? It all boils down to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

During the four weeks its been in 
theaters across the world, the movie has earned a total of $339.5 million. That's not an amount which would normally be considered a failure but this is a Star Wars movie we're talking about focusing on one of cinema's most iconic characters. It's underperformed massively compared to Lucasfilm's other releases and expensive reshoots essentially make it a flop. 

While Obi-Wan Kenobi was in active development, those who were attached to write and direct are said to be no longer involved and Logan director James Mangold was actually in early talks BEFORE Solo was released so it doesn't appear as if much is happening there either. What this means is that, for now, any future Star Wars Story movies have been put on hold and are no longer in the works.

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