Carrie Fisher Says She Would Return To STAR WARS

Carrie Fisher Says She Would Return To STAR WARS

Harrison Ford recently came out and said that he would be open to the idea of returning as Han Solo in the next Star Wars movie Disney is planning for 2015. Well, now Carrie Fisher has said that she would be willing to reprise as well.

There has been rumors upon rumors as to which direction Disney's new take or Star Wars will be. Constant names have been thrown around for the directing gig, as well as, whether or not Episode VII will reunite the cast from the original trilogy. Recently Harrison Ford said he has some interest in reprising his role as Han Solo, but what about his love interest Carrie Fisher as Leia? TMZ caught up with Fisher where she told them, "Yes. Sure. Wouldn't you?" This is hardly a confirmation that she will be in the film, but it does at least open the possibility since she is interested.

Fisher also talked about the deal that Lucas made with Disney for LucasFilm. She believes that Disney low-balled Lucas, claiming that he could have gotten at least 500 Million more. Fisher also said that becoming a Disney princess is fantastic and made her day. For the latest on all things Star Wars as they develop make sure to check back here at CBM.

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