HAN SOLO Set Video Offers Up A Look At A New Style Of Scout Trooper

HAN SOLO Set Video Offers Up A Look At A New Style Of Scout Trooper

A video from the set of Han Solo has been revealed and it features a new style of Scout Trooper piloting a very different sort of speeder. What does this tell us about the Star Wars spinoff?

Do we really need a Han Solo movie? It depends on who you ask, but the next Star Wars anthology movie is currently shooting and the latest video from the set to have surfaced is one which confirms the presence of Imperial stormtroopers! As you can see below, it appears to be a Scout Trooper similar to those seen on Endor in Return of the Jedi. However, the helmet appears to have been redesigned.

The Trooper is also piloting a new type of speeder bike. This one resembles the one we saw Rey on in The Force Awakens, and yes, those wheels will be removed during the post-production phase.

It makes sense that Han will cross paths with Imperials as the movie is set to reveal how the hero first met Chewbacca and the canon novel Aftermath: Life Debt indicated that Han rescued Chewie from the Empire on Kashyyyk. If that's going to happen here, we can obviously expect Han Solo to take us all over the Galaxy as the titular hero seemingly makes an enemy of Imperial forces early on in his life. 


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