How Is Mark Hamill Preparing for STAR WARS VII?

How Is Mark Hamill Preparing for STAR WARS VII?

Recent images have fans wondering how Luke Skywalker might be portrayed in the 2015 sequel - if he is included at all.

At the recent CapeTown Film Festival, Hamill voiced his hope to play a Jedi master in the next installment of the STAR WARS saga, with any action “heavy on the Jedi mind tricks, less on the lightsaber duels. That one in ‘Empire’ nearly killed me.”

Recent images of Hamill appear to confirm that Hamill is not preparing himself for anything that might be taxing physically in the near future -- scrounging up cigarette butts from public ashtrays before pounding a burger.

Hamill certainly does not cut the thin, athletic figure he displayed in Episodes IV, V & VI. Granted, the years have taken a toll on his appearance, but he has clearly not taken care of himself physically -- at least not as well as his (older) co-star Harrison Ford.

Principal photography of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is expected to begin in early 2014, a scant seven months from now.

Granted, I love a good burger. If I were really desirous of getting a role as big as this, along with the possible revenue, I would be cutting back on the smokes and burgers for a while. I'd also be dropping the pounds with a strict diet and workout regimen. One would imagine that Disney would be more than happy to provide such amenities to Hamill in preparation for filming.

In past episodes, even the oldest Jedi have been in decent condition and fight-ready. Has Disney signed-off on having Hamill be a doughy, sedentary Jedi?

Do you believe that Hamill really has any desire (or hope) to pick up the Skywalker torch again?
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