Is This Proof That 'Boba Fett' Will Appear In ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY?

Is This Proof That 'Boba Fett' Will Appear In ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY?

It's toy speculation time again. This latest rumor has sprung from a Fett-related teaser image of one of the upcoming Rogue One LEGO sets. Take a look and see what you think...

Boba Fett emerged from the original Star Wars trilogy as one of the most well-loved characters in the saga, despite never actually doing a whole lot aside from standing around looking cool, and then dying like a bit of a tool. Because of his enduring popularity, however, we know that Disney and Lucasfilm have plans to revisit the character in future anthology spin-offs - but could we see the fearsome bounty hunter as early as this year?

Below is a teaser pic from The Nuremberg ToyFair in Germany this past weekend, and as you can see the Rogue One image on display is Fett's iconic Slave 1 ship.

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Obviously this still isn't confirmation that the ship and/or its pilot will be in the movie, as tie-in merchandise like this is not always representative of what will be featured on screen - but sometimes it is, and there's always a chance this is one of those times.

Plus, it would be a perfect opportunity to reintroduce Fett given the timeline and the fact that the story focuses on some shady dealings and espionage-type shenanigans surrounding the theft of the original Death Star plans. Bounty Hunters can be employed by the good guys too, after all.

What do you guys think? Anything to this or just another random LEGO set that happens to fall under the Rogue One banner? The Gareth Edwards-directed movie will be with us on December 15, 2016.
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