John Noble Debunks STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Rumor

John Noble Debunks STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Rumor

There was talk of John Noble (Fringe) being up for a villain role in Star Wars: Episode VII not too far back but the actor himself has refuted such notions.

Speaking at the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Show in Los Angeles actor John Noble cleared up the rumors surrounding himself and Episode VII.

"I heard that rumor, myself. I was in New York doing something and I got on a plane - I've never heard this rumor, and my e-mail inbox is full of these things saying 'You're doing the new Star Wars'. It was out there and I knew nothing about it. But how great would that be! I'd be quite happy if J.J. made that decision."

He's probably not alone in thinking that would be a wonderful idea. John Noble as a Sith Lord would be phenomenal casting. In the meantime, we'll keep you up to date with all the latest Star Wars news and rumors.

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